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by Whereisthecool

Where is The Cool Magazine - Issue 9

SKU: 18877
I hope you will enjoy browsing the inspirational pages of this new issue which deals as usual with a multitude of subjects: From car headlights to Japanese listening rooms to strange bathrooms of the mid 70s or retrofutouristic modular housing. Thanks to all those who still take the time to buy something tangible and to have a good time with it in their hands !


About the Brand
Whereisthecool? Magazine gathers what is cool around the world and selects an exceptional variety of subjects as an answer to the question embedded in its name. The cool can be anywhere. During the races of colored pigeons in Cuba, all around the Ultrafragola mirror of Ettore Sottsass or even inside a vintage cookbook... In fashion, travel, food, art, sports, in good or bad taste, in what’s popular or snobby, the cool does what it wants and can often seem elusive.

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