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Custom Made Clothing

Coming from a strong background in tailored clothing, we understand that nothing complements a man’s style better than a beautifully constructed and well-fitted suit or sports jacket. There is simply no substitute for a garment custom-made to personal specifications and taste.

We work with artisans in Italy, Europe and Japan to offer a broad selection of custom-made tailored clothing, made-to-measure shirts and even bespoke denim jeans. Selecting from only the best fabric mills in Italy, the U.K. and Japan allows us to create truly beautiful and unique items for our clients.

Tailor Made in Italy

Being the menswear nerds that we are when we think of tailored clothing we think of Italy. We work solely with a factory in the North of Italy for all of our made to measure garments, or Su Misura as the Italians call it, who have been producing tailored clothing for over 100 years.  We offer a full range of suiting and jackets in formal or soft models, trousers, vests and overcoats, all in half canvas construction, all to your personal needs and taste.

Two piece suit Starting from $1795

Sports Jackets starting from $1395

Trousers starting from $595

Overcoats starting from $1695

Made to Measure Shirts

A shirt is a shirt you say? We'd like to change your mind. We've collaborated with Emanuel Berg, arguably Europe's premier custom shirt manufacturer, to offer what we feel is the most comprehensive shirt program in the country. With around 500 fabrics available, primarily from Thomas Mason, over 150 collar and cuffs to choose from and countless other options (washing, fusing, buttons, monograms, etc, etc, etc) choice is only limited to your ideas. Measuring is incremental and precise promising a perfect fit and balance that is to be expected from a personalised product. The shirt offers single needle stitching throughout, flat french seams, mother of pearls buttons and fine stitched button holes, there is even a hand made option if you really want to go to town. For evening, business or casual we have got you covered.

Shirts starting from $295

Made to Order Jeans

Kojima in Kurashiki City, the renowned birthplace of Japanese jeans, gains attention as the denim Mecca. We work with what is considered the first maker in the region who were established in 1962. Famous for continuing to use the original Union Special machines and specialising in the slow woven Japanes selvedge denim fabrics which are highly coveted. Still cut and sewn by hand, one pair at a time you are not only buying into fine craftsmanship but also a storied history denim production in the area. Our made to order jeans offer the option of personalised measurements, over 60 denim and non denim fabrics to choose from, a wide choice of hardware and trim options as well as washing and fatiguing to your preference.

Jeans starting from $495