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Le Mont St Michel

The Mont St Michel brand is founded in 1913 by the Ariès family. The workshop is then located only a few miles from the famous French abbaye which gave its name to the brand. The Mont St Michel Work Jacket is worn by farmers and craftsmen from Western France during the first half of the 20th century. It therefore became a French workwear icon. The brand has stood out since its early days thanks to the quality and durability of its garments.

The brand was taken over in 1998 by Alexandre Milan who turned it into a urban & modern fashion label, yet in line with the functional soul coming from its workwear legacy. Le Mont St Michel embodies the French paradox’s charm. A unique and effortless style which never compromises on quality. A strong story that keeps on reinventing itself through the cosmopolitan tribe which wears it. They wish to reconnect with the pleasure created by a perfect and rare product, ancient techniques that we reinvent, and beautiful yarns.