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Drumohr’s Knitwear has its roots far back in time, when around the 1770, Mr. James Paterson began his production activity in Dumfries, Southern Scotland, where the waters are rich in calcium and used for rinsing. This process ensures softness to knitwear without equal.

His passion for the Scottish art of weaving was quickly passed on to his nephew, Mr James Alexander Robertson and also to all the descendants of the family. Thanks to their entrepreneurial skills they led the brand Drumohr under the European spotlights, recognised as an institution of Scottish quality till the end of the 1900 century.

Drumohr is a top-of-the-range knitwear brand with a long and prestigious background renown in the industry for an offering of the highest quality, the brand over the past two centuries and a half has acquired an international and very selective clientele, including the British Royal Family, the King of Norway, actors such as James Stewart and Audrey Hepburn and the crown prince of the Italian car industry, Gianni Agnelli.

In 2001, the Ciocca Group, a historic Italian textile company founded in 1912, it signed a license agreement with Drumohr followed shortly after the purchase of the Brand. The group succeeded in a short time, thanks to the ability of mixing elements with innovative and creative craft, as well as traditional Scottish weaving, to revitalise the brand image.

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