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by Snow Peak

Snow Peak Hozuki Light Rechargeable Battery

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The Hozuki Lantern Rechargeable Battery Pack is a replacement for the three AA battery pack needed for the Hozuki lantern and Spot Hozuki. The battery supports lighting up to 10 Hours with continuous use. To use, place the Hozuki 2.0 Rechargeable Battery into the Hozuki Lantern and charge via USB cord. .

Product Details
  • Rechargeable batery for Hozuki Lantern
  • Does not include USB cord
  • Mesh drawstring case
  • L 11.5" W 3.5" D 3"
  • 8.9 oz (252 g)
About the Brand

Snow Peak is synonymous in Japan with spending time in the great outdoors. Founded by Yukio Yamai in Sanjo City, in the Chetsu region of Niigata Prefecture in 1958 producing superior climbing gear after finding nothing of quality in the market. In the 1980's they shifted focus and became the leading innovator of camping gear as popularity increased. This is no ordinary gear and many would say that Snow Peak are the global leaders in this field.

In 2014 they launched their first apparel collection spearheaded by Yukio's granddaughter, Lisa Yamai who combined technical, highly functional outdoorswear with fashion producing garments that equally match function with form. Outdoor clothing for the new enthusiast or urban explorer alike.